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Is Print Dead? Not a Chance

For centuries print has reigned as the best and often only form of marketing. With the rise of social media and digital marketing, you’d be forgiven for thinking that print marketing was consigned to the history books along with the fax machine or mobile phones you could build a house with.

Well… You’d be wrong. Print marketing is just as important as ever!

What exactly is print marketing?

It isn’t about standing outside handing out flyers… Although it does include flyers! It’s about any form of marketing that requires printed media. This form of marketing includes brochures, posters, banners, and branded products. That’s just the tip of the iceberg! There’s even more than that!

The fact that there are so many ways you could boost your brand visibility using printed products is a massive positive.

Everyone has a pen that’s branded, right? You may have never heard of the company on the pen before, but you now know their name and how to get in touch, all because you read it off a pen. That’s just one example. Coasters, mugs, you could even give out branded t-shirts if you wanted to.

How is print marketing still important?

Why only focus on one form of marketing? Doing so is like playing cricket with one arm tied behind your back. You can hit the ball but you’re going to struggle to get it past the first fielder.

If done right print marketing can perfectly complement digital marketing. Good quality print marketing can reach people online miss or even encourage those who have seen your online advertising to engage. You could potentially see a boost in your online marketing by employing print marketing… Sounds mad, but it isn’t.

Not to mention a good quality printed brochure just feels better, doesn’t it? An old medium now seems new and fresh. An attractive, well thought out piece grabs people’s attention in a way email marketing could never achieve.

By grabbing their attention, they are more likely to remember your brand and your work. Once you’re at the front of their minds or on the tip of their tongue you are more likely to get a lead.

This less intrusive method has a high return on investment by seeming more trustworthy than alternative methods of marketing. It is perfect for any advertising campaign.  

What’s stopping you from using print marketing?

With better information retention, higher trust value and a great way to stand, out now is the time to exploit this advertising gap digital media has created. Print media isn’t at death’s door like a few people would have you believe. It is a thriving industry that can help yours do the same.

Having been around a while, print marketing has withstood challenge after challenge, yet it’s still here. There must be a reason why this medium has endured and improved. So next time you’re thinking about advertising what’s stopping you from giving print a go?

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